Drunk Santa

After the success of Shaken and Slurred, Coventry Council wanted a follow-up alcohol awareness campaign. This video was designed to ‘go viral’ – a deceptive term as it’s difficult to make anything go viral unless you can pump lots of money into it.

The video – a police camera POV of a drunk driver arrest that turns out to be Santa Claus – was shot over one night. In the edit, it was designed to look and sound as authentic as possible. The video was then released on Youtube as ‘real’ (i.e. actual police footage of a stop) at midnight on Christmas Day.

The campaign was a success; mainly because of releasing the right content at the right time. Drunk Santa took 30,000 in its first few days, with hundreds oif comments debating its authenticity. The viral ad went on to garner 900,000+ views, as well as being shared on other sites. It also made it onto TV shows in Japan and Germany!

Project Details

Client: Coventry City Council

Tags: Funny, Online Ad, Short Film

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