Handle With Care – Trailer

This is the trailer for multiple award-winning drama ‘Handle with Care’, made for Chatback, a group of looked-after children and carers. The kids were determined to make a film that represented their issues, but didn’t want to do another depressing, kitchen-sink drama. In their words: ‘We wanted to make something we’d want to watch!’

We co-wrote the script with the young people, working with the group for several months, getting to know each other and channeling their thoughts and feelings into the story. Then came a gruelling 12 day shoot, where every last penny of the funding was put on screen (even if it meant the whole crew sleeping on a floor one night!)

The finished film is 35mins, featuring fantasy castles, musical numbers and a bike chase through Dudley town centre! It stars Josie Lawrence (‘Skins’, ‘Eastenders’) alongside a cast of real fostered children. Handle With Care went on to win several awards, including Royal Television Society awards for Best Short and Best Production Craft. The film went to every school in the region, and was shown to select members of the Cabinet. The kids, many of whom had experienced years of abuse before entering foster care, really enjoyed the experience – as did we!

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Client: Chatback

Tags: Education, Informative, Short Film

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