Shaken & Slurred

Coventry City Council wanted a 30second commercial for a limited run in local cinemas, tackling alcohol awareness. The original plan was to re-use existing assets, but we put forward a different idea: a character-led commercial that would make the audience laugh, and in doing so be more memorable.

The advert became Shaken and Slurred, a spoof of Britain’s best-known spy feeling the effects of a martini too many. Shot in one day, we transformed a 5-star country hotel into a casino, and used a cast of 30 to make the film come to life.

The advert was a big success, proving so popular that it was franchised nationally and continued to run on cinemas across the country for four years after its initial run. It also won a prestigious Health Business award for best commercial.

Project Details

Client: Coventry City Council

Tags: Cinema, Communications, Education, Funny

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