Together Agency hired us to showcase Lapcabby, a company producing portable storage trollies that keep equipment secure and tidy for schools, hospitals, libraries and more. We chose a lively, colourful animation to highlight a useful (but potentially dry) piece of kit. We breathed life and personality into Lapcabby itself while showcasing its innovative features. Both…

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How Do You Feel About Hair Loss?

Our regular client, Optima approached us to create an online video with a strong emotional impact. As hair loss specialists, Optima understood the concerns of their diverse clients and wanted real people telling their stories. We set up at a local coffee shop and asked customers (and some actors) questions about hair loss. Using a…

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Yorks Coffee

Yorks wanted an online promotional video to showcase their in-house roasted coffee, as well as their cool new venue near Birmingham’s New Street Station. We shot for a day on location to capture the unique vibe of this popular independent café.


BRIEF Sales-I wanted a film to that explains their company ethos and services. Working together, we decided to go for an animated film, led by the two founders. PRODUCTION Cartoon avatars were designed to represent the two founders, and then used in a 3min animation. VO was recorded by professional actors. RESULTS Sales-I use their…

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Orbit – Ron & Stu

BRIEF Business communications company Intercity developed a new all-in-one comms system called Orbit. They wanted a suite of online videos to highlight the system’s many features. However, the clients were keen to avoid anything dry and dull, hoping to entertain as well as inform prospective customers. PRODUCTION We created four sketches based on two original…

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Drunk Santa

BRIEF After the success of Shaken and Slurred, Coventry Council wanted a follow-up alcohol awareness campaign. This video was designed to ‘go viral’ – a deceptive term as it’s difficult to make anything go viral unless you can pump lots of money into it. PRODUCTION The video – a police camera POV of a drunk…

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Coventry Chemicals

BRIEF Coventry Chemicals, a major chemical manufacturer, wished to expand its market into more global territories. They tasked us with producing a film that could play in any country without the need to translate or subtitle. PRODUCTION The client’s products and personality had to come from visuals alone. We came up with the idea of…

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Orbit – NL

BRIEF Speak Dutch? Neither do we! But that didn’t stop us knocking up this snazzy promo for telecommunications company Intercity’s Netherlands branch, launching their new product, Orbit. PRODUCTION Filming took place in Amsterdam, and while a lot of the film is greenscreened, it was all shot on location in the Intercity offices. Our team had…

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Mr. McQueen

BRIEF Mr McQueen is a luxury bespoke furniture manufacturer. In the lead-up to its launch, we were commissioned to produce a series of teaser films to build suspense and ultimately showcase the specialist products on offer. PRODUCTION We shot the teaser films in a rooftop champagne bar, slowly revealing the signature Mr McQueen chair. We…

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Oxfam: International Women’s Day

BRIEF Oxfam needed a friendly animation to promote their Get Together campaign, a series of charity events tied into International Women’s Day. The aim was to raise money to make a positive difference to women around the world. PRODUCTION We worked closely with the Oxfam team to ensure their message was heard in a clear…

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